Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I select Smooth Transitions instead of having my family help me move?

Family members often have careers or other obligations leaving them only a few hours a week or month to help declutter and pack a home. This is our full time job. Our goal is to have your treasures sorted and packed quickly while applying the same care your family members would apply.

How much do you charge for your services?

Since each client is unique, we provide a complimentary intitial consultation. We will view your home, listen to your desires, help you evaluate your needs, and design a plan that fits your goals. Fees are based on an hourly rate and expenses will vary dependent upon services selected. 

My family member needs to move quickly, can you help us?

We know how difficult it is when you or a family member needs to move quickly, and we are here to help. Call us today to schedule a free consultation so that we can understand the unqiue needs of you or your family member and help them move quickly. 

Do you only move seniors?

No. We help those of all ages that are downsizing, need to declutter, or need to relocate. We have handled all types of moves from corporate moves to students moving in and out of dorm rooms. We treat all of our clients, regardless of their reason for the move, with the compassion needed to ensure that they are comfortably settled into their next home.  

Why should we select Smooth Transitions over the "other guy"?

Each of our team members are uniquely trained and must have the heart of a servant to work under our brand. We believe in recognizing the individual needs and wishes of each of our clients and will always handle their personal items with care. We are known in our markets to be the Move Managers that always go the extra mile by hanging that special photo or charging your toothbrush. 

What if I am not moving and just need help organizing, making my home safer, or I need an inventory for estate planning?

It is great that you are thinking about streamlining or organizing your space, downsizing, or thinking about your future or the future of your loved ones. Smooth Transitions is the perfect choice to help you with these needs.

If I am a senior, why is moving seniors different?

When seniors move, they are usually downsizing. There is more to downsizing than packing and moving boxes. These seniors will need to work with many different companies when relocating. Most people only downsize once or twice, so the needed resources are not usually known. Anticipating the large amount of time, planning, organizing and physical work involved to move a home can often times be overwhelming and paralyzing for the senior and/or their family. This is where a Move Manager with specialized training in senior moves can help. 

How is Smooth Transitions different from a moving company?

While moving companies can readily handle the actual move of your items, and can even sometimes contract to pack your items, a Move Manager has the training and experience to handle ALL aspects of your move. We are not only experts in packing and scheduling moving companies, but we are experts in floor planning, packing with intention and organization, and helping disperse any unwanted items after your move. In addition, we can also assist with the real estate aspects of your move, such as staging your home for market, or making sure that your home is ready for the new residents after your move. 

How is Smooth Transitions different from most other services that may claim to help seniors with moving or downsizing?

Many seniors have lived in their home for a lifetime. They've raised families and are surrounded by special memories, precious heirlooms, and a rich family history. Suddenly, the home they once loved may now be overwhelming with responsiblities, and can be difficult to live in. When a decision is made for a senior to relocate to a smaller home or new town, many seniors will need assistance. Smooth Transitions is well-equipped to provide this specialized assistance. We can help the senior decide what to take with them, what to give to family, and what to donate, and most importantly, create a timeline for these services to keep stress and disruptions at a minimum. We will take care of all of the details, making sure that everything goes as planned and that all of the senior's precious items are handled as desired. Our most unique and appreciated service is that we will get you unpacked and settled into your new space sooner, so you can begin enjoying your new home.